Super Early Bird Price starts from $69

Extra Free Keycaps for Kickstarter Backers Only!


The Epomaker AK84 is a 84-key wireless and hot-swappable mechanical keyboard that is specifically optimized for MacOS compatibility.

Compared with our previous keyboards, the AK84 is equipped with a new set of keycaps, available in our new proprietary Chocolate Switches, and beautifully designed to ensure the best fit for your personal typing preference. The AK84 is available with several types of designs, including aluminum frame, full aluminum case, or a unique bold acrylic design versions.

GK1 PBT and New GK2 Silicone Keycaps

The Epomaker AK84 comes standard with the  GK1 PBT keycaps, which have been successful on our previous Epomaker GK96S keyboards. Now, we are excited to release the new GK2 keycaps for the AK84. The GK2 is the world’s first and most innovative keycaps constructed from textured silicone to provide a unique typing surface for your fingers. For all of our crowdfunding campaign backers, your package will include the GK2 silicone keycaps along with the standard GK1 keycaps. You can easily swap out the keycaps anytime to find the texture that you love best! 

Unlike PBT or ABS keycaps, our patented GK2 silicone keycaps are soft, smooth, and delicate to the touch. The GK2 keycaps are made through special double-shot molding using medical-grade silicone that is safe and won’t fade with time. In addition, you can easily replace the keycaps on your keyboard without any tool. We have made it as easy as simply replacing your phone case! We provide three color options for the GK2 silicone keycaps and you can pick your favorite!

Wireless And Wired Modes

Designed for versatility, the AK84 is available in two modes: wireless and wired. You can connect via Bluetooth for wireless connectivity or with the included Type-C USB cable. With Bluetooth 5.1, it easily connects seamlessly with your phone, laptop, or tablet. Connect wirelessly with up to three devices at once, and easily switch between devices for efficient multitasking and speedy performance.

Various Mechanical Switches

The AK84 is available in the traditional Gateron Optical (Blue, Brown, Black, Red, or Yellow) or Gateron Mechanical Switches (Blue, Brown, Black, Red, or Yellow).

But if you’re looking for the latest and the best switches, we are eager to announce our new proprietary Chocolate Switches! After studying the designs and common flaws of most typical mechanical switches, we have developed our own innovative switch mechanism that reduces the physical wear on the switches while providing a smoother and more fluid press sensation. Our Chocolate Switches are available in Blue, Brown, Red, and Silver options to match the traditional switch types.

16M Backlit RGB

Featuring RGB lighting with 16 million LED colors, the AK84 shines with rhythm on your desk. It carries 9 types of default lighting effects, whilst more can be downloaded online. All lighting effects are easily loaded via the provided driver, and you can even create more of your own by using the Macro-creation function. Simply connect the keyboard using a USB cable to update the driver and effects.

Technical DETAILS


Super Early Bird Price starts from $69

Extra Free Keycaps for Kickstarter Backers Only!



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